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  • The Best Music of 2013

    This is a list of music that found its way to our stereos the most. The albums that we enjoyed the most, the music that moved us, the music that intrigued us and by years end, the music that will stay with us. These are our favorite albums of 2013.

    Deerhunter, Monomania
    This year saw Bradford Cox and his cohorts taking yet another left turn and emerging with the finest garage rock album in years. Deerhunter always surprises and never disappoints.
    Phosphorescent, Muchacho
    An album for the last rays of daylight, full of both hope and regret. Ride on/Right On is one of the best songs of the year.
    Fossil Collective, Tell Where I lie
    As we await the possibility of another Fleet Foxes album, Fossil Collective steps in to fill the void. After two promising EPs, this their first long-player is a polished indie-folk collection.
    Mikal Cronin, MCII
    Mikal Cronin has again stepped out from behind Ty Segall to show himself an accomplished frontman in his own right. MCII is solid from it's first note to last and every squealing guitar riff in between.
    Mutual Benefit, Love's Crusing Diamond
    For those who prefer their indie-folk with a violin instead of a fiddle. An intimate, warmhearted embrace of an album.
    Ty Segall, Sleeper
    An unexpected stripped down album from Ty Segall. The screeching guitars were left to his new side project—the band Fuzz.
    Bill Callahan, Dream River
    It's been six years since Bill Callahan shook off his moniker Smog, and he continues to produce some of the most spare, road weary and empathetic songs in America. A longtime favorite who's still hitting his mark.
    Hiss Golden Messenger, Haw
    The searching gravely voice of MC Taylor has more emotional range than might be expected. The mostly accoustic music is tinged with folk, blues, gospel and reminiscent of '60s era Stax R&B recordings.
    Jesse Woods, Get Your Burdens Lifted
    Austin singer songwriter, Jesse Woods debut is a hazy, quiet, whiskey laden and dreamy affair. 
    Kurt Vile, Wakin on a Pretty Daze
    Several years ago Kurt Vile strode onto the scene looking and sounding as though he'd stepped out of 1978's teen angst film, Over the Edge. With Wakin on a Pretty Daze we find him in an introspective mood.
    RIP Lou Reed
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