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  • Made in the Land of Wheat and Maize

    What has always nurtured his craft, what spirit has pervaded his music and what has given Justin Vernon the wide-open space to create has always been his home state of Wisconsin? After he quietly, almost as quietly as is possible, burst on the music seen with the beautifully wrought album For Emma, Forever Ago, he had a tattoo of Wisconsin inked on his chest to remind him to stay true. He had been a working musician for over a decade at the time of Emma’s release under the moniker of Bon Iver.

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  • The Best Music of 2013

    This is a list of music that found it's way to our stereos the most. The albums that we enjoyed the most, the music that moved us, the music that intrigued us and by years end, the music that will stay with us. These are our favorite albums of the year.

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